"Connecting People to Jesus"

In these uncertain times we are faced with the challenge of continuing as a church body while unable to meet in one large group together.  The church began in the book of Acts as a "house to house" ministry.  We can do the same and still maintain our identity as a local church.

For the next 2 Sundays (March 29, and April 5)  we will continue to have church at our location on North Temple at 11:00am.  Since the latest safety measures include for us to "Stay Safe, Stay Home," the PSL Church body will meet by gathering in each home and participating in church through our live stream.

(click either of these links: FACEBOOK, YOU TUBE)

Should visitors show up we will have a small crew at the church to accommodate.

Our objective is to continue the mission of the church while exercising wisdom.  On our FaceBook and YouTube channels you will also find Bible Studies as well as special presentations for children.  Please check our online locations often for new presentations.

As always, if we can be of any service to you at all, please reach out to us!

Sr. Pastor Ronald Rice


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